Some may say that a company’s future is more important than its origin. 


We suggest that the future of a company, and the foundation from which it grows is best defined by looking at its past. While a growth plan is important, most agree that a company’s character, and the principles from which it grows, are best known by exploring if the company leadership did the right things over the long haul. 


We invite you to explore our timeline, a journey that started 40 years ago. It’s this tradition of striving to do the right thing that gives our customers the confidence that the principles that define AgriEnergy will continue well into the future.  Time builds a Tradition, and a Tradition has built the Principles that define AgriEnergy Solutions.


 Thank you for the opportunity to serve your Agronomic needs into the future. 

1982 - 1989
The Formative Years

Dave Larson, in his desire to grow crops of higher yields and quality, sought out advice from many pioneers in biological farming and through trial and error learned valuable lessons about the importance of biology and balanced crop fertility.

Jan 1, 1990
AgriEnergy Resources LLC Founded

Dave and Carolyn Larson formed AgriEnergy Resources, LLC with the mission to lead the transition to biological farming by providing training and products to innovative farmers.

1990 - 1996
The Growth Years

AgriEnergy expanded team and facilities to provide expertise, products and services to more farmers.

Feb 8, 1996
Continuing the Mission

Dave Larson passed away suddenly. 

While the shock and loss was deeply felt, Dave’s brother-in-law Paul Aley, assumed ownership and the core team that Dave created continued the mission with a desire to educate and provide solutions to even more farms.

2000 - 2010
Finding Solutions in the 21st Century

The arrival of the 21st century marked the evolution of the biological family of products, using research & on-farm experiences to solve challenges in all crops and seasons, from planting to foliar feeding, to residue decomposition. 

The result was significant advances in using biology to increase yields and quality while reducing inputs.

2010 - 2018
Turning Soils into Living Legacies

We saw the amazing changes to soils on farms that followed biological principles for over 20 years, increasing productivity while truly building the soil, not mining it. 

As farms were handed to the next generation, research continued to develop the next generation of biological products and techniques to become even more effective at solving production challenges.

2018 - 2020
Sold and Merged with Growth Products

In late December, 2018, AgriEnergy was sold and merged with Growth Products, based in White Plains, NY in the formation of Douglas Plant Health to serve both the agriculture and turf & ornamental markets.

Jan 1, 2021
Into the Future

In keeping with the core values inherent in the long-standing heritage of the past, a group of long-time dealers formed AgriEnergy Solutions and brought back the core team of experienced staff.

Continuing the mission of Dave Larson,  AgriEnergy Solutions leads the transition to biological farming by providing training and products to innovative farmers.

Many things change over the years. But we are committed to the same level of "do it right the first time" that has been our heritage for many years.