Wet Cit

Soil surfactant for spreading, wetting and penetration of broadcast soil applications.

Zinc (9%Zn) Chelated

EDTA chelated zinc recommended for the prevention and correction of zinc deficiency in crops, compatible with most fertilizers.

Wake Up Spring

Additive to starters and early foliars for improved fertilizer efficiency.

Tiger Sul 90

Natural form of elemental sulfur for dry spreading, allowed in organic production.

Trace Pak

Unique chelated micronutrient blend. Excellent when used with NPK fertilizers and biologicals. Contains zinc, manganese, copper, boron, cobalt and molybdenum.

Sul-Po-Mag / K-Mag / Trio

Organic Sul-Po-Mag also known as K-Mag is the common name for sulfate of potash-magnesia (langbeinite). 

SP-1 Classic

A blend of microbials known to build soil biology. SP-1 helps to generate a healthy root zone that empowers efficient interaction between the soil and the roots of the plant.

Seatonic Gold

Formulation made from extract of seaweed and a biological amendment containing soil enhancing bacteria.