Starter Blend (5-13-4)

Starter fertilizer blend designed for 2×2 application. Contains NPK plus micronutrients, sugar and fulvic acid for a complete planter blend.


Potassium and micronutrient blend formulated for maximum plant availability.

AgriBoost PK (2-10-10)


Specially formulated fast acting organic-based blend for vegetables and flowers. Contains both fast and slow release nitrogen, plus fast acting phosphorus and potassium. Added zeolite improves soil structure and cation exchange capacity, leading to greater nutrient retention and slow-release. Improves soil organic matter content and increases soil water holding capacity.

4-21-4 (0.2% Zn)

As an essential micronutrient for plant life, the addition of Zinc (Zn) is a recommended micronutrient in fertilizer programs for production of corn, sweet corn, and edible beans.


This fertilizer is perfect for soil treatment needs at time of planting or before and can also be used as a great foliar feed to provide an additional boost of nutrition to the crop that will increase plant health, and production leading to better yields.